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Space Clearings

Benefits of a Space Clearing: Space clearings are my favorite, both personally, and when working with clients. A space clearing breathes new life into a home or office. It removes unwanted energy, and replaces it with new & vibrant possibilities, which can be physically felt-literally.

What bubble baths & champagne are to us, a space clearing is the same for your home

Space Clearings – Prices vary, $99-$297

Client will submit a completed questionnaire to gather details along with a floor plan of the space. Once I review both, I will discuss with my client, the type of clearing to be used. We will then schedule an in-person meeting to complete the space clearing together. This consultation includes a 30 minute follow up phone call 1 month following the space clearing.

General – A general space clearing is perfect for those who feel they need a fresh start and want to reenergize their space. Wake up the sleepy ho-hum vibes and get them working for you and your specifically set intentions.

Tragic Events – Some homes witness unfortunate events such as deaths, serious illness, abuse, or divorce, leaving a heavy energy in their wake. Homes tend to hold on to the residual energy of the events that occurred within its walls. At times, this energy can be physically felt by those entering for the first time, but who may not be able to “put their finger on it”. For this, space clearings are recommended. This practice is known to expel the unwanted energy, releasing any heaviness, and in turn allowing the home to take a deep breath, renewing its intended purpose to nurture and protect its inhabitants.

Predecessor Chi – New to You Home? Gift your new home a space clearing! This space clearing will remove any remaining predecessor energy. This allows your new home to welcome you without any residual vibes from the prior person or family. During this clearing, you will set a specific intention for your new living space and it will, in turn, open its warm metaphorical arms, happily receiving you and your intended blessings.

Awaken, refresh, and invigorate your space by Leading With Shui.